Online Account

Your Username and Password

All ChemDoodle customers receive a free iChemLabs account to access additional free features in our products. Your account username is the email address you used to purchase a license for ChemDoodle, and your password is the last 4 characters of your activation code. The password must be either in all uppercase or all lowercase.

Syncing with your account in ChemDoodle

With an iChemLabs account, you have the ability to save files online so you can open them anywhere or send them to other iChemLabs applications as well as access relevant cloud services from within ChemDoodle.

You may log into your iChemLabs account at anytime in ChemDoodle by choosing the Sync with Online Account… menu item in the File menu. The login window will also have an option to link your iChemLabs account with your copy of ChemDoodle. If selected, ChemDoodle will automatically log into your iChemLabs account while it starts up. You can then change these settings at any time in the Preferences window under the Online tab.

Logging into ChemDoodle Mobile

When you open ChemDoodle Mobile, you will be presented with a login form. Log in with your account information. You will be able to access any data saved to your account from ChemDoodle desktop, for easy transfer of structures between your devices.