Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


Where can I download ChemDoodle?

You can download ChemDoodle on this webpage. There is no difference between the download on this page and that on the free trial page. The download on both pages are identical and is the latest release of our software.

Where can I download older versions of the software?

You can download ChemDoodle on this webpage. At the bottom of that page is a section titled Legacy Versions where you can obtain previous versions of ChemDoodle.

Can I obtain your software on physical media (CD/DVD/etc.)?

Due to environmental concerns, iChemLabs only distributes its software digitally. The downloads are identical to the content you would receive on physical media and are always up to date. You are more than welcome to store our downloads on physical media (i.e. burn to a DVD) if you would like to archive them.


I would like to activate on my current computer, but I will be replacing it soon, can I activate on the new computer as well?

Yes, our user licenses are perpetual, and you can use them forever. To transfer ChemDoodle to a new computer, please see these instructions.

On our one lab computer, one generic user account is used by everyone, can I use a Single User license for this purpose?

Yes, ChemDoodle licensing is based on user accounts activated. If everyone in your lab uses the same generic account on one computer, the Single User license is a very good deal!

I purchased a license that allows multiple computers to be activated (Home+Office, Site License, etc.), can I activate some on macOS and some on Windows?

Yes, our licenses do not restrict which operating system you can activate on, and you may activate on different operating systems. So you can activate on Windows, macOS and Linux. You can even deactivate your license on one operating system to switch to another operating system if you choose.

What happened to the Multipack option?

Multipack licenses have been discontinued as they no longer met the needs of most of our customers and you can now buy quantity amounts of the Single User license. If you need licenses for many users, you may purchase multiple quantities of a Single User license, or ask us about a site license.

How do I order a quantity of licenses?

Click on the Buy Now button for the license you would like to purchase quantities of and you will be taken to the iChemLabs store. In the iChemLabs store, you will be able to choose quantities of licenses to add to the cart, and you will be able to edit those quantities in the cart. We offer discounts on bulk purchases.


Where can I view the user guide?

You can view the user guide here.

There are red warnings on my atoms, how do I get them to disappear?

ChemDoodle displays visual warnings to notify you when it detects an error in your structures, similar to how a word editor will underline supposedly incorrectly spelled words. They will not be present in any printed content or saved images. You can remove these warnings for each atom. Just hover the atom, right-click, and select the Ignore Warnings menu item. To disable warnings completely, just select the Hide Warnings menu item in the View menu.

How do I make borders and fills clear?

To make objects clear, first select them with a selection tool. Then click on the color select button attached to the right of the color button. Select the checkbox of the color category you would like to make clear, and then click on the Empty Color button.

Some shapes may also have specific options for setting clear fills/strokes in their settings windows.

Some of my ChemDraw files look a bit different when opened in ChemDoodle, how do I get them to open perfectly?

ChemDoodle and ChemDraw are two different applications with two different rendering engines. Just like opening a Microsoft Word document in Apple iWork, the results will not be perfect. You may need to do some minor post-editing to adapt your figures in ChemDoodle.

We do our best to get ChemDraw files to render as closely as they would appear opened in ChemDraw, and we believe no other non-ChemDraw application does as well as ChemDoodle in this effort. Of course, we always strive to perfect this feature, and if you send us your ChemDraw file, we can work on making our interpretation better. It is a goal for us to make ChemDraw files read in with the least amount of post-editing.

How do I show labels on carbons?

You can do this for the atom, or globally for the document.

For the atom, hover it with no content selected, right-click and select the Show Carbon Label menu item.

For the document, select all the content, and open Preferences. Go to the Visuals tab and select the Atoms subtab. Then in the Carbons section, set the options to your preference.

Can you add this feature?

Sure, please see how we handle feature requests here: About Feature Requests