Widgets are mini applications in ChemDoodle that perform powerful tasks to help you create your graphics and manage your figures.

Quickly accomplish tasks, without leaving ChemDoodle

These widgets provide access to many convenient tasks, from searching databases for predrawn chemical content, to managing your templates, to keeping track of your document history. You can use these widgets without having to leave your current document or switching to a new window. When finished, just drag the content from the widget into your document.


Displays document and drawing statistics.

Elemental Analysis

Calculates molecular masses, elemental analysis and isotopic distributions for structures.


Provides full access to the undo/redo queue.

Line Notation Pad

Generates and parses line notations and will also correct your input.


Search databases for chemical structures.

Multiplet Tool

Simulate multiplets.

NMR SignalSeek

Simulate nuclear magnetic resonance and associate peaks to nuclei as well as provide more thorough information about the spectrum and simulation.


Calculates molecular descriptors.


Search your computer and attached storage devices for chemical structures.


Quick access to chemically relevant symbols and the full unicode range.


Organizes chemical structure templates for your use.

TLC Canvas

Draw thin layer chromatography plates.