Use innovative tools to quickly build and manage reaction schemes.

Powerful reaction building tools

ChemDoodle possesses a robust reaction system where molecules can be explicitly defined. You can opt to layout the reactants and products to the left and right of an arrow and have ChemDoodle implicitly define the reaction, or you can use the reaction building interface to drag and drop molecules into the reactant and product trays for more complex schemes. ChemDoodle will automatically place + symbols for you and will also clean your reactions for the most aesthetic figures.

Arrow Graphics

ChemDoodle contains an entire toolbar for custom creating any arrow graphic desired. Presets are also included for bold, retrosynthetic and other arrows.

Bezier Arrows

Use bezier curves for incredibly attractive figures. Make professional mechanism and reaction graphics and annotate your spectra with smooth bezier arrows.

Build Reactions

Build reactions implicitly based on structure location in respect to an arrow, or use the reaction builder to explicitly define reactions within a scheme.

Clean Reactions

ChemDoodle provides tools for aesthetically laying out reactions.

Read Reaction Files

Input reactions from several formats, including RXNfiles and RDfiles.