Linux Installation Instructions

Brief Instructions

After downloading ChemDoodle, use Terminal to run the BIN and install ChemDoodle. Then open the installed ChemDoodle directory and run the ChemDoodle shell script. If you encounter any issues, please consult the Troubleshooting Common Installation Issues section.

Installer (step 1)

    Detailed Instructions – For those inexperienced with Linux

  1. Download ChemDoodle for Linux from the following link if you haven’t already done so. ChemDoodle is supported on any Linux distribution. We recommend and test Linux Mint. We also test on OpenSUSE, Debian and Fedora Linux.

    Download ChemDoodle v9.1.0 for Linux
  2. ChemDoodle-linux-9.1.0.bin, a Linux bin, will be downloaded to your computer. You may check the MD5 checksum with the following number to verify your download.

    MD5 checksum: 7d80c95675757bf34c24c2bf4b865bba

  3. Open Terminal and change the directory (using the cd command) to the directory you downloaded ChemDoodle to. Browsers will usually download files to the ~/Downloads folder if you didn’t explicitly set the download path. You can check the contents of a folder using the ls command.
    Installer BIN
  4. After locating the BIN, use the following command to run it. ChemDoodle will be installed in your present working directory; you can move the BIN to a different location to change where ChemDoodle will be installed. Or feel free to move the installation folder after the installation completes.

    sh ./ChemDoodle-linux-9.1.0.bin

    Installer (step 1)
  5. If you are satisfied with the installation location, press the return key to install ChemDoodle.
    Installer (step 2)
  6. Now open the newly installed ChemDoodle folder to see what was installed. The install automatically registers the ChemDoodle application with GNOME environments, so you should see ChemDoodle entries in the Linux application menus.
    To place a Launcher for ChemDoodle in your system tray, just drag the ChemDoodle application menu item from the Linux application menu onto the system tray.
    Drag to the system tray
  7. Double-click on the ChemDoodle shell script or click on the shortcut in the system tray to run ChemDoodle. Do NOT use the Java JAR, ChemDoodle.jar, to run ChemDoodle.
    System Tray Shortcut
  8. The first time you open ChemDoodle, you will be greeted with our software license. Please read and understand it, and then choose to accept it. If ChemDoodle does not start or you see an error, please consult the Troubleshooting Common Installation Issues section.
    ChemDoodle Software License
  9. Type or copy and paste the activation code we provided to you when you purchased ChemDoodle, and then click the Verify button.
    Activation Window
  10. ChemDoodle will build and a confirmation screen and user’s guide will follow. Congratulations, ChemDoodle is now activated and ready to use at any time!
  11. Uninstallation Instructions

    1. To uninstall ChemDoodle, simply drag the entire ChemDoodle folder to the Trash.

    Troubleshooting Common Installation Issues

    If ChemDoodle does not start or you see an error popup, then open terminal, change the present working directory to the ChemDoodle installation folder, and run the shell script using the following command to catch any diagnostic errors. Then check for solutions below. If you encounter an error not addressed below, please copy and paste all text from Terminal and send it to us.