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Purchase ChemDoodle v8 Version Upgrade – SAVE up to 50%

If your license is for ChemDoodle v7 you will receive a 50% discount. Earlier (legacy) versions will entitle you to a 25% discount.
To purchase an upgrade for your existing User license for ChemDoodle, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter your activation code in the field below. You may want to copy and paste it from your receipt to avoid typing errors.
  2. Click Purchase Upgrade. If your activation code is eligible for an upgrade, you will be directed to our reseller, FastSpring, to complete your purchase. The purchase page will be for the appropriate upgrade product for the activation code you entered.
  3. Complete the form to purchase the upgrade.
  4. Once you purchase your upgrade, open ChemDoodle and check for updates (Help > Check for Updates). Just follow the directions for the update that appears. If you are prompted to reenter your activation code into ChemDoodle at any time during the update process, ChemDoodle was unable to upgrade your license, please contact us for assistance.

NOTE: Upgrades are non-refundable.

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