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You really did a very good job with regard to v7. I would especially commend ChemDoodle 3D, which is georgeous, simple for use, great performance, well organized, smoothly working, with a lot features included. The overall picture is breathtaking.

Lek Pharmaceuticals D.D.
August 25, 2014

ChemDoodle is brilliant! w/ the search option, I can draw Taxol and predict its NMR in 30 secs.

Aachen University
August 26, 2014

Thank you for giving us a great alternative to ChemDraw! I am using ChemDoodle exclusively now.

Temple University
August 26, 2014

Unlike the competition, ChemDoodle gives you the impression it actually will get upgraded and enhanced regularly.

The University of Manchester
August 26, 2014

I really love your software and so do my students. We also really like the iPhone app – use it a lot in the Organic Lab I teach.

University of St. Thomas
August 26, 2014

Thanks for your help (and a great application 🙂 )

University of St Andrews
August 26, 2014

It is impressive. I love it. Many thanks.

Coatesville VA Medical Center
August 26, 2014

I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent customer service and responsiveness. If only all software companies operated this way!

Texas A&M
August 26, 2014