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Great product.

Riley and Rabel
January 26, 2016

Many thanks for the quick response, and for a feature-rich piece of software that allows us at cash-strapped state schools to make the nice structures we remember from back when we had site licenses for chemdraw. ChemDoodle kicks butt, and I will spread the gospel to my colleagues!

University of Missouri, Kansas City
August 26, 2014

Unlike the competition, ChemDoodle gives you the impression it actually will get upgraded and enhanced regularly.

The University of Manchester
August 26, 2014

It is impressive. I love it. Many thanks.

Coatesville VA Medical Center
August 26, 2014

What can I say, above and beyond!!!! … we are actively recommending the product.

CS Regulatory Ltd
August 26, 2014

Chemdoodle is very user friendly. I liked the fact that I could draw chem equations easily and without much frustration. Great application.

South Texas College
August 26, 2014

I am impressed by the beautiful graphics of this software, and the outstanding operability.

Tokyo University of Science
August 26, 2014

My compliments on version 7. Much cleaner and the UI is more intuitive. This makes the features easy to navigate to, but they remain compartmentalized. The glassware drawings has always been a nice feature, and I am happy to see it has been expanded from the version 5 I used to have. I will give a presentation at my next department meeting, as the common mythology is that NOTHING is as good as ChemDraw. I believe this version will push the burden onto ChemDraw supporters to provide evidence as to what amazing feature it has that this package cannot go toe-to-toe with.

Monsanto Company
August 25, 2014