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The program is brilliant, very useful for showing NMR to my students.

Thank you and congratulations on an excellent scientific software package.

This product is wonderful. I have only used it for a few days and it has been very great. It is very intuitive. I have to commend this program especially based on the NMR simulator. It’s been very helpful.

ChemDoodle is brilliant! w/ the search option, I can draw Taxol and predict its NMR in 30 secs.

I’m becoming a big fan of ChemDoodle.

I’ve been teaching organic chemistry for 22 years, and have seen a lot of chemical drawing programs. This one is exceptional and I will be recommending this one to my students!

I am impressed by the beautiful graphics of this software, and the outstanding operability.

I really love your software and so do my students. We also really like the iPhone app – use it a lot in the Organic Lab I teach.