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Great program and great service. Keep up the good work!

ChemDoodle is an amazingly affordable alternative to ChemDraw. For a fraction of the price, I can get the functionality I need to communicate with my colleagues.

Love the product.

Thank you for giving us a great alternative to ChemDraw! I am using ChemDoodle exclusively now.

I would strongly recommend ChemDoodle. I find it better than ChemDraw or ISISDraw.

I really like the intuitive feel, not to mention all of the neat widgets, of this program! I’ve been on a hunt for new chemical drawing software ever since I left my last institution where we had a ChemDraw site license. I’ve only played around with this software for a couple of hours, but I can already tell that this program is well on its way to blowing all of the other contenders out of the water. Well done guys!

Opened my ChemDraw files nicely; intuitive interface. Very smooth operation.

Chemdoodle is excellent, amazing and just unbelievably cheaper than Chemdraw ultra. It is very useful I really liked it and I am going to recommend it to everyone.