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Many thanks for the quick response, and for a feature-rich piece of software that allows us at cash-strapped state schools to make the nice structures we remember from back when we had site licenses for chemdraw. ChemDoodle kicks butt, and I will spread the gospel to my colleagues!

ChemDoodle is really great. In fact, I don’t miss anything I know from ChemDraw.

Opened my ChemDraw files nicely; intuitive interface. Very smooth operation.

The ChemDoodle iOS app is very cool. It’s by far one of the most intuitive mobile sketchers that I’ve tried.

Just want to say this is a great alternative to Chemdraw.

It is impressive. I love it. Many thanks.

I am a patent attorney and chemist who has become quite beholden to ChemDoodle, particularly the newest version (I’ve been around since Version 5 or 6, but this thing has gone from great for the price to amazing). Thank you and, indeed, great product!

The MolGrabber widget has already saved my life and the appearance styling features are outstanding for presentations… yeehaw :)