ChemDoodle 6

ChemDoodle® 6 is the next installment of the popular ChemDoodle chemical drawing and publishing software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Continuing in its tradition, this update provides many new features including full Windows OLE support, a QuickLook plugin on Mac OS X, IUPAC naming, updating labels and much more! Join the thousands of scientists from all over the world, that not only use ChemDoodle to create beautiful graphics, but do it while saving thousands of dollars over our competitors.

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Create Beautiful Figures

Easily create figures for publications and presentations, while ChemDoodle takes care of the graphics and the chemistry. ChemDoodle allows you to focus on your work and is an essential tool for scientists, teachers and everyone working with chemical graphics. Tools for working with structures, reactions, spectra, glassware, orbitals, TLC plates and more are at your immediate disposal.

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Build Chemical Websites

ChemDoodle contains an entire interface for creating ChemDoodle Web Components. The ChemDoodle Web Components library is an open-source and free HTML5 toolkit. These components can be images, animations or interactive components and will help you create powerful content for desktop and mobile browsers.

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Chemistry in your Pocket

ChemDoodle Mobile, the mobile companion to ChemDoodle, is provided for free to ChemDoodle desktop customers. ChemDoodle Mobile is available for both iOS (iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad) and Android devices. You can transfer structures between ChemDoodle desktop and ChemDoodle Mobile, to take with you into the lab.

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The universal chemical drawing standard with universal support

If you are looking for a chemical sketcher or an alternative to your current chemical drawing application, there is no better choice than ChemDoodle. ChemDoodle works on all operating systems (both 32 and 64 bit), has one of the largest feature sets in the industry, has the most customizable graphics, pastes scalable vector graphics into Microsoft Office, iWork and OpenOffice (among others), and can read and write all of our competitors’ formats. This is in addition to our web and mobile ChemDoodle extensions!


Who uses ChemDoodle?

ChemDoodle works on all operating systems and is used in thousands of institutions around the world. These institutions range from universities, to government agencies to small businesses and high schools. We have compiled a partial list of our customers for your consideration.



iChemLabs is the developer of ChemDoodle and other high quality applications and libraries that are both accessible and affordable to students and scientists. We intend to reach as many users as possible and to bring solutions to the scientists that need them. iChemLabs also provides consulting and custom development.